Wealthy Farmer Program

Wealthy is built with an implementable plan.

The mission of the Wealthy Farmer Program is to help all farmers become wealthy farmers. 


The Wealthy Farmer Program is a fully integrated approach to bringing global produce trade demand to all farmers. This trade demand exists in pulp, bioplastics, fibers, fuels, energy and food. Many of these sectors do not have enough or any supply of biomass or produce in some cases. Tropical agricultural economies are perfectly positioned to capture these global markets if the production (Cultivation) capacity is organized and connected

The global market demand for biomass or produce is initially organized through commercial trade contracts that usually require standards for this cultivation to meet international standards.

Reaching farm cultivation standards such as GAP or Organic for a farm creates a floor price for their production. Working to Standards should also reduce cultivation risk which translates to more reliable revenues for the farm. While regulation and oversight is tiresome and time consuming, it is an essential part of the supply chain make up in modern markets. Consumers want to know where their food came from and that it is safe. It is that simple. Traders pay better prices for produce they are confident are safe and of a commercial standard. Every farm that builds it's capabilities to these standards will benefit from better prices with better produce and more income. 

Farm standards usually scale through the application of modern technology and more modern farming techniques. This modern technology and training is difficult for many Farmers to pay for. It is essentially the difference between a farm being a subsistence enterprise just making ends meet or it becoming a national infrastructure resource for the broader economy. Tropical locations have enormous growing advantages over temperate climates with better weather, consistent sun and in many cases excellent water and land resources. Yet many of these locations suffer from a lack of investment into their farms. Indeed these farms are not seen as fundamental to economic growth and national security (food, energy, money) these farms are seen as an asset to be used by a few traders to get rich.


Governments need to take a long hard look at their rural economies. Where can you consistently grow value to replace the need for investment? Where can you grow and develop natural resources such as timber, fibre, pulp, biomass, sugars for fuels and even food to compete on the world global markets for furniture and construction (Timber) Clothing and Construction (Fibre) Paper and Packaging (Pulp) bioplastics (Sugars and Stems) and of course multiple crops for food. Growing this value generates money for the economy. It generates jobs and spending. It creates vertical value process investment and partnerships which create further value and jobs. It creates trade domestically and internationally. Why do Governments fail to understand the huge economic cultivation based growth from their rural economies? They should. We do.  

The Solution is the Wealthy Farmer Network methodology that organizes a number of farms into a cohesive international trade standard collective of farms that can produce the cultivated capacity to service the global trade contracts. This is a simple development on a model that many conglomerates already apply. The Wealthy Farmer Network moves the economic value return point from the corporate to the farmer. This enables national scale where a corporation only grows to meet its own agendas. Wealthy Farmers coordinates the economies of scale in larger contracts exactly as Combine Bulk Handling is managed in Australia. The major equipment to service the contracts is financed from the main trade contracts through Combined Bulk Handling, not by the farmers. The outcome is less commercial risk for the farmers and the trade buyer as modern equipment and techniques are being applied centrally. This delivers the modern commercial advantage to all member farms with little risk and more assured upside. 

Ironically, by making a profitable enterprise from each farm, we now secure more reliable and better quality supply of produce. We align our farmers interest to the broader success of the project and they benefit equitably. This allows us to attract more large trade contracts as they see our success and the whole process has a logical growth progress across a number of crops all scheduled through rotation to appropriate farms to maintain soil health and therefore fundamental farm value and productivity. It really is no more complicated than a fisherman maintaining his boat and taking his fish to market. Yet the fisherman has resources that many farmers struggle to access because their access to market is limited. Not any more.

Applied across a nation of farms, the cumulative value to an economy is considerable. Most produce increases in value 3 to 5 times if processed for international markets. Domestic markets see 2 to 3 times uplift from farm to fresh markets. Having more of these natural resource products simply increases the trade volume which generates value from export or domestic trade. Any Government wants a simple concept to achieve growth within its economy - invest in your rural economy. It will deliver time and again. The farmers, the working rural economy. Not the traders, not the middle men, the farmers. They are your core resource to economic growth.  


                                          Value Crops Planned to Develop Wealth

Wealthy Farmers Network analyze and consider carefully all the value crops we bring to our programs. These crops integrate into the farm crop mix commercially and practically. We premise the crop mix on soil health which relates directly to the productive capacity and types of crops suitable to the land. We mix long term Forestry and short term Agriculture into this commercial and practical blend that best matches the optimum production potential of the farms while meeting the farmer and market needs. Retired farmers prefer the slower lifestyle choice while younger farmers prefer to work harder to chase the revenues by example.

This optimized crop mix and commercial plan for the farm follows wealth management based methodologies. They succeed in all other applications, farming is a huge wealth generation sector if it is properly organized and optimized. This makes each farm more valuable and productive and fun, working hard and not earning money is not fun. Each of these successful farms build natural resource building capacity for the economy for domestic and international trade. Maximizing the value of the produce for trade by meeting minimal cultivation standards makes sense, optimizing the crops grown and how these crops interface on the farm and through commercial outcomes makes further sense. Having a plan for the farm to focus on cash crops but trend towards forestry over ten or twenty years is more than great farming, it builds a pension for the farmer and a huge future natural resource for the nation. Simple and logical when you think about it but planning this out and forecasting it and then optimizing variations on this strategy by people not familiar with such calculations, technology and accounting is never going to happen. With modern technology and an empathetic experienced Agent working through such issues with farmers, then it becomes more and more realistic to millions of farmers.

Most western economies have Farm Agents. They are not cheap. But they create many times their cost in value return to a farmer by literally keeping him current with market place developments, new technologies, new regulations and of course as a resource for problem solving. With modern technology, literally in many cases through a phone, farmers can have access to crop cultivation support, market pricing, cultivation and forestry farming contracts and all the expertise needed to make each crop and their broader farm a success.

We use value crops. What is a value crop? A value crop is a crop that can produce a floor price for our farmers of at least $400 per hectare per year under our contract terms without farming risk. These crops are able to further meet all the planting, harvest, logistics and processing costs to trade sale and these crops provide produce for global markets with considerable demand. We will be adding more crops. We have a number of forestry species for the Farmed Forestry Contracts. We currently use Sweet Sorghum and Industrial Hemp Varieties in rotation for our Agricultural Contracts. We are also getting incredible results with rice grown without water saturation. Aerobic, not anaerobic. 100% Organic. More information on this to follow. 

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Fixed Asset (Long Term) Wealth Crops

Contracted forestry and agroforestry  farming brings long term revenues with equitable harvest share. This builds core wealth and creditworthiness for the farms no and long into the future. 

This builds national economies through natural resource development with significant future vertial national economic value. 

Forestry has the most potential to build cre farm and rural wealth.

Current Asset (Short Term) Agriculture.

Integrating value from short term agriculture, crops that generate money within a year, develops farm cash flow. This cash flow is further improved through reduced costs, better floor price contracts and better crop choices relative to markets. Current crop mix type and allocation forms the yearly income foundation to the Wealthy Farmer Program for farms.

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Image by Eduardo Prim

Wealthy Farmer Planning

Applying an implementable optimized crop mix plan relative to soil health, access to markets, farm capabilities and profitability is at the core of the strategy to develop a wealth development strategy outcome for the farm.

Technology Efficiency

The Wealthy Farmer Program will soon deliver to farmer's phones the plan, the crop mix, the financial forecasts and the technical support for each tree and crop including harvest schedule and revenue forecasts to each farm.


Attaching planned farms to markets drives better decisions and builds wealth in the sector and the farms.

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The Wealthy Farmer Program is a Rewarding Planet Opensource Methodology for farmers to build efficiencies and value into their farms.

The Wealthy Farmer Network is developing the Thailand and Laos Cultivation Capacity towards the global trade contracts.

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