Wealthy Farmer Program

Own your land. Avoid debt. Get wealthy.

The mission of the Wealthy Farmer Program is to help all farmers become wealthy farmers.


The Wealthy Farmer Program is a fully integrated approach to bringing global produce trade demand to Asian farmers. This trade demand exists in pulp, bioplastics,fibers, fuels, energy and food. Many of these sectors do not have enough or any supply in some cases. Asian economies, as tropical agricultural economies are perfectly positioned to capture these markets if the production capacity is organised. 


The global market demand organized through commercial trade contracts require international trade standard cultivation which itself requires modern technology and the commercial scale to deliver on these international trade contracts. The modern technology is difficult for many Asian Farmers to provide, the tropical growing and cultivation scale is available. 


The Solution is the Wealthy Farmer Network organizing a number of farms into a cohesive international trade standard collective of farms that can produce the cultivated capacity to service the global trade contracts. The development on a model that many conglomerates already apply is that the Wealthy Farmer Network is undertaking the farming with it's own modern equipment thereby bringing the modern commercial advantage to all member farms. 



                                          Value Crops Planned to Develop Wealth

Wealthy Farmers Network analyze carefully all the value crops we bring to our programs. They integrate into the crop mix commercially. We premise the crop mix on soil health which relates directly to the productive capacity of the land. We mix long term Forestry and short term Agriculture into a blended mix which matches the optimum production potential of the farms while meeting the farmer and market needs. 

This crop mix and commercial plan for the farm follows wealth management based methodologies thereby not only increasing the productive value of the farms to the farmers and the national economy, this builds future value for retirement or succession. 

We use value crops. What is a value crop? A value crop is a crop that can produce a floor price for our farmers of at least $400 per hectare per year under our contract terms without farming risk. These crops are able to further meet all the planting, harvest, logistics and processing costs to trade sale and these crops provide produce for global markets with considerable demand. We will be adding more crops. We have a number of forestry species for the Farmed Forestry Contracts. We currently use Sweet Sorghum and Industrial Hemp Varieties in rotation for our Agricultural Contracts. 

Image by Matt Seymour

Fixed Asset (Long Term) Wealth Crops

Developing farm wealth through contracted forestry and agroforestry with equitable harvest share generating wealth and reliable income.

Current Asset (Short Term) Agriculture.

Integrating value from short term agriculture through reduced costs, better floor price contracts and better crop choices relative to markets forms the income foundation to the Wealthy Farmer Program

Image by defika hendri
Image by Eduardo Prim

Wealthy Farmer Planning

Application of a crop mix plan relative to soil health, access to markets, farm capabilities to develop a wealth development strategy for the farm.

Technology Efficiency

The Wealthy Farmer Program will soon deliver to farmer phones the plan, the crop mix, the financial forecasts and the technical support for each tree and crop including harvest schedule and value to farm. Attaching planned farms to markets increases drives better decisions and builds wealth.

Image by John Ruddock

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The Wealthy Farmer Program is a Rewarding Planet Opensource Methodology for farmers to build efficiencies and value into their farms.

The Wealthy Farmer Network is developing the Thailand and Laos Cultivation Capacity towards the global trade contracts.

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