Living Organic Soils

Soil Health is declining Globally. This relates directly to farm practices from chemical fertilizers, mono-cropping, repeated tilling and failure to regenerate the soils by adding Soil Organic Matter which should have a high Soil Organic Carbon content. 

Soil Carbon is so important within the healthy living soil matrix

Living Soils

Living Soils are soils that you would find in a rain forest. The soil will be full of carbon, soil organic matter, biome and microbes and the root area would be well aerated and teaming with life and water. 

These soils can be manufactured from biomass, food waste, animal waste streams, in fact, anything organic. 

Rebuilding soil life is to return the soil to commercial organic prodution. 

Image by Roman Synkevych 🇺🇦
Harvesting Crop Field

Biomass Trade

Regenerative farming relies on organic living soils replacing chemical fertilizers. Getting the volume of living soils to a farm is not easy and has considerable expense - unless the farm was to grow biomass and trade this biomass for processed organic living soils. The outcome would be a transition for farmers from chemical fertilizer costs of 15-20% dropping to 1-2% of cultivation costs, an increase in value as organic and, on the basis the soils are full of beneficial microbes and active carbon, commercial yields. Contact is for more information


Ensuring that the Living Soil removes all the pathogens and seeds and is then optimized for the ground and the crop being grown is a fundamental commercial goal. 

In Vessel Bioreactor based technology not only captures all the carbon and methane released in the composting thermophylic stage, it ensure the proper microbes, bacteria and fungi, are applied with their food source to optimize the living soil to accelerate the crop growth from the moment it hits the ground. 

The Biomass Trade and the Technology can replace in volume and effectiveness chemical fertilizers very quickly. Locally sourced, produced and value added. For more information, contact us accordingly. 

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