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Infinity Biological Soils PTY Ltd (Australia)
Will be Launching SOON
Infinity Biological Soils will be building Bioreactor Units in Perth Australia very soon.
There is an opportunity to be part of this new technology. The information of how to be involved and the rewards will be provided very soon. 
The primary role of the Bioreactor is to make organic high carbon living soil fertilizers to replace the use of chemical fertilizers. This will replace the need for chemical fertilizers and will apply carbon directly into the soils. This generates very valuable ACCUs (Australian Carbon Credit Units) in the future. More importantly this reduces the amount of deep ground carbon being extracted for the replaced chemical fertilizers.
The machine will re-purpose manures, civic waste and food waste into organic living soil fertilizers. 
It is hoped that the first two units will be able to finance and support the re-forestry of the Perth Pine Forests and Conservation to re-establish the water cycles back into the Perth Aquifers for drinking water.
The Infinity Biological Soils Bioreactor will reduce farmer input costs by generating the highest standard organic fertilizer available which will enhance the Australian Farmer trade advantage globally. 

Who We Are

Infinity Biological Soils PTY Ltd Australia is the Technology Owner for the Infinity BioReactor. This reactor vessel manages the production of pharmaceutical grade organic living soil fertilizers optimized to crops and soils. This produces commercial organic broadacre yields for farmers and forestry. 

The Bioreactor converts farm biomass, food waste, manures and civic waste, in fact anything organic, into very valuable soil organic carbon based livings soils quickly and with pharmaceutical standards. Every metric and control is analysed and optimized to deliver the perfect organic high carbon soils for commercial farming.

Farmers apply these soils back into their fields to rebuild the health of their soils restoring their natural cultivation capabilities and  organic qualities to their produce. Soil health further restores water retention and permeability within the soil root zones. This further enables the crops to manage any climate change impacts through better soil and crop health. 

The BioReactor and the Biomass Trade business model delivers the commercial benefits to farmers for growing their own fertilizer raw materials. These very same farmers save money on fertilizer costs and convert to organic. Subsistence farmers can now produce their own organic fertilizers for a fraction of the cost of the chemical fertilizers. 

This is the ultimate carbon emission reduction solution. Farming costs drop, waste streams are repurposed to value and the farmers refix the carbon back into the soils from whence they originally came just as nature intended. This is a commercial permaculture solution. Every farmer producing their own biomass which is then converted to high value organic living soils which they then bury back into their fields is the ultimate carbon emissions reduction solution. 

We are launching Crowdfunding in several countries soon to build the first BioReactor in each country. To get involved and for more information, please get on the list. You will be first to be notified. 

Government and Industrial Partners are welcome to approach us directly. 

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