Organic Soil Carbon....

Not an enthralling beginning to a post BUT pay attention, this little bit of knowledge could change your life and save the planet.

Natural soils are living soils. A great example of a living soil is in a rain forest away from man and his chemicals. Here nature functions perfectly.

The tree grows in the soil, the leaves and occasional branch or tree falls to the ground and it decomposes - composts - back into the soil. The break down of the leaves and branches is by animals such as bugs eating them or predominantly by bacteria and fungi.

The end result is composted biomass which is infested with microbial life and which is full of carbon.

This carbon holds the water, opens the soil to let air and water pass through and it is the home for bacteria, fungi, worms and much more. This is the biome, the aerated root area from which trees and plants take up the nutrients to grow. What most people don't know is that the bacteria and fungi convert the biomass into plant soluble nutrients. This is all collectively called a living soil. Living soils in nature take time to be created as the microbial activity increases and the break down of complex biomass begins. This fixes carbon and Soil Organic Matter into the soils initially at the surface but soon deeper and deeper. This is natures way of balancing carbon in the planet. Nature takes the carbon from the atmosphere via the biomass and it fixes it in the soils. Deep into the soils.

Farmers clear the forests to get the use of these soils. Why? They want the money for the wood first and then they want to grow on the good soils left behind. This accelerated when corporations and bad actors realized the value in such practices, Oil Palm Plantations being a very good example. The UK Government was at the forefront of the Oil Palm boom in Asia if we need to consider the authority and short sightedness involved. Economic growth or wealth accumulation at any costs where the policies. Clearly this strategy is terminal to forests and the land as the farmers simply exhaust the land and take more new land from the forests. This deteriorates the top soil carbon levels. Carbon in decent arable farms is around 4 - 5 %. Healthy soils need 14% carbon. Not only has the biome suffered but so has the water holding and water permeation through to aquifers to sustain our water supplies. The carbon that was in the top soils is now in the atmosphere or the oceans. ]

The deep carbon became the fossil fuels, the oils, gas and coals. Our industrial age literally went into nature's carbon storage facility and dug up the carbon, then burnt it through power stations and cars literally reversing millions of years of deep carbon fixing by nature in 100 or so years. Here is the good news. We now know how to fix the problem of climate change. Take the atmospheric carbon and drive it back into the soils. Exactly as nature intended.

How? Every farm, house, government creates biomass or organic matter waste. This is carbon rich. This must be converted back to living soils in huge volumes and put back into the top soils and forestry.

The scale for the solution is in the farmers growing biomass and the waste food and animal waste, anything organic essentially, being directed to high quality soil centers. There the technical process of converting the biomass and organic materials back to living soils can take place, only one week in a Bioreactor which is the perfect solution or 4-6 weeks in static pile composting which is not a perfect solution.

Climate change can be reversed by every Government and Every Policy Maker understanding how this can be physically done. Make sure everyone here on Facebook posts this onto every page so it goes viral. Everyone should know. Act now to save the planet. Get this message out. No new Carbon fixing technology is required, Mother Nature already has it figured out.

This wont work, of course, unless the money or commerce works. It does. It works through a Biomass trade to the Soil Center which makes the Living Soils. A farmer brings one tonne of biomass and gets back 1/3 of a tonne of living soils in exchange - in trade. This is their organic fertilizer. The farmer does not need chemicals anymore. This drops the costs for the farmer, the input costs, by 15-20% immediately. Each farmer can now grow their own fertilizer supply locally. This makes a huge difference to national expenditure on chemical fertilizers.

And the Farmer is now growing organic produce. Much healthier, much better taste and quality and so therefore much better value for his or her crop at the market.

The crop is much more capable of withstanding climate change because the water supply improves, the food supply improves and therefore the general health and strength of the crops will be much stronger. This reduces farmers risk.

Think about it. If we remove the greed from the system, everyone and the planet benefits. Ironically there is a lot more money where we want it, in the farm, in our pockets as we buy better foods and in our country and not in the pockets of the people who are making most of these problems, the chemical, fossil fuel and energy companies.

And the planet and environment are returning to normal as nature intended.

Think about this. Forward this to your friends. discuss it and come to your own conclusions. Ask us questions about this, lets get this debate going. The solution to climate change, food, poverty and water all lies under our feet and now in our hands.

Make this go viral. Once the Government and Policy Makers understand how simple this is and how much everyone knows, then things will begin to happen in scale.

Thanks to you all who repost and help people everywhere else in the world who you don't know yet. They are fellow humans. You are a superstar!

The picture of Rice - Chemical on the right, the small one. Organic on the left. Same age! Grown without flooding the fields, Flooding makes the root ball anaerobic - without air - which stimulates the wrong microbes. Plants need air in their soil.

Look at that root! Big root, big big plant.

Adding Living soils to the flats (burns) for broadacre crops.


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