The Wealthy Farmer Contracted Farming Agreements are a modern development of the age old Asian leased land agreements. We partner with the farmers who work with us throughout the cultivation period while we do actually undertake the cultivation through the use of modern machinery. The outcome is higher yields, better standards, reliable production and therefore a commercial basis for servicing the global biomass derived trade contracts. This is very important for the national economy development and growth, it is equally important for our farmers.

Farmers benefit in many ways. Their farms are far more productive which means more revenues. This allows us to pay a healthy floor price for our contracted farmers. We target $400 per year per hectare as a floor price contract for our farmers for Kratom, Sorghum and Industrial Hemp (Not a narcotic). 

The Floor Price income is important. It allows the farms to grow and reinvest and improve. It removes much of the cultivation risk from the farmer. It develops value in the farms as a going concern. It will break the subsistence economic cycle many of these farmers face. 

Trade Contract partners will also benefit considerably. They will have access to supply of biomass originated produce in reliable, consistent and competitively priced capacity. Such a supply will allow the development of the bio-plastic sector which currently is stagnant as there is no volume of biomass to cellulose, starch, lignen and fibre for the sector. This is a $200 billion annual market without supply, currently using fossil fuel based plastics.  We see the same problem with the Pulp to paper markets. The fibre markets have a similar situation. 

The trade sector now has an opportunity to help the farmers, help the planet and improve their commercial bottom line by working with the Wealthy Farmer Network to build the biomass supply capacity through our farming sectors. 

The Wealthy Farmer Program is rapidly building support for its simple and innovative format that is equitable but commercial. For more information, please read on or contact us and discuss how we can help you.