Wealthy Farmers Network Announces the formation of Wealthy Farmers Lao Co Ltd.

Wealthy Farmers Lao (WFL) is a State Majority Owned Enterprise Company formed according to the laws of the the People’s Democratic Republic of Lao. The company has been formed specifically to develop the Wealthy Farmer Strategies for trade, finance and cultivation capacity partnerships.


At the core of the development which will all be owned by the Laos Government for the benefit of the Laos People will be the Government financing of this development through the issuance of Government securities to finance the Conservation Activities and Forestry Activities. These liquid, fungible, global capital market ready Government Issued Securities deliver Environmental, Social and Governance results on a national scale with clear demonstrable results.

Conservation Notes and Tree Notes are new methods to finance Government National Sustainable and Economic Development Goals utilizing modern financial instruments tied to government protected and regulated conservation and forestry assets. The PDR Laos is one of the first of a number of countries considering this financing as it provides capital market support without incurring any national debt.

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The agricultural development, current focused on the development of 100,000 hectares of prime agricultural land focuses on Industrial hemp and Sweet Sorghum in rotation to maintain soil health and productivity. The industrial hemp has the focus of biomass for pulp, fiber and cellulose for bioplastics. The trade and technology partners are being organized to support the cultivation capacity development. The Agriculture will be financed in the first part by the trade buyers organized into product or raw material trade purchase contracts, these are then combined through letters of credit into bankable format to fund the technology partners and cultivation capacities. Any additional funds will be raised through Government Securities for Agricultural Crops (One year) or potentially equity if applicable. The aim is to maintain Lao ownership of the cultivation and the technology process value (not necessarily to own the technology, just the process outcomes) to attract final factory production partners to the volume raw materials of bioplastic pellets, fiber and pulp.

The Government issued Securities are expected to rapidly grow the PDR of Lao Finance Sector through the development of Government controls and the volume of the deal flow with the commercial opportunity values for investment and manufacturing from the development of these sectors and their respective sustainable natural resources.


Conservation Notes and Tree Notes both have the potential to provide measured metric outcomes for the 16 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals for the PDR of Lao.